Attention Small Business Owner

Updated: Apr 20

I want to talk to YOU!!

Listen, I get it…I’m a small business owner just like you and is not easy the journey.

The competition is fierce!!!

We are poached like sitting ducks from platforms promising 50+ new leads per month with those home apps where you can find trusted local pros!

It’s so frustrating and overwhelming!

I’ve been in small business owner since 2020, in the management industry for over 10 years and what I’ve seen happen to this industry literally breaks my heart, especially for women who are working long hours while trying to take care of their families and make ends meet. I remember all too well those days.

But let me tell you - getting leads is the easy part, but how do you convert them..consistently?

How prospects let you work in their houses?

How do you get booked with a month in advance or more?

How do you get your customers refer your business?

Cold call? Doorknock? Write blog posts?... Seriously????

That’s what we’re supposed to do to grow a business in these times? And on top of that, someone told me it would take YEARS! I didn’t have that kind of time.

After relentlessly chasing lead after lead, paying apps to send us prospects and still starving, I knew there had to be a better and different way to make money in any industry. And what I was being told to do by the “experts” was definitely not working. So, I made the decision to do things WAY DIFFERENT, WAYYYYYYYYYY!

Felix and I started our business in October 2020 with big goals. Felix is very knowledge of constructions, and he can build whatever you bring to him, any idea, picture, etc... I, Luz, I am very computer savvy, interior designer knowledge and with a B.A in Marketing and Management we do a good team.

Not everything is beautiful in our story!!! We have been struggling, crying, losing money and for last someone hit our trailer last December and we lost equipment's and transportation, Yes!, but here we are we survive, we are surviving and every day I found new opportunities to serve our community.

What are we doing to grow so fast? Well, since we started our business, I told myself I will not going to be the average handyman services than you think. Not that guy that bring you with a handwriting quote, or the one that never show's their insurance or licensed, or the one than show you the butt crack while he is fixing your garbage disposal.

We are totally the opposite of an average handyman services, Trust ME! We are unique one of a kind handyman service.

The Prestige experience starting in the first consultation, when I visit every client and we start talking of their needs. We use a online system to create estimates where every client will received directly to their email with all our licenses attached, just to give that peace of mind that they deserve. We have an free phone app where every client can chat directly with us, like imagine you have a problem with your sprinklers system in the configuration board, we can