Turn an area of your yard into a hammock oasis escape.

Turn an area of your yard into a backyard hammock oasis escape. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the lazy days of summer.

In the corner of our backyard is a giant white ash tree. This tree is one of my favorites around our home (besides the Colorado Aspen of course) for two reasons. One, it creates this gorgeous umbrella of green shade in our yard. And two, the area underneath it makes a perfect place to hide away and relax. So this summer, I took advantage of this space and created a backyard hammock oasis escape. And this hammock oasis even has a WOW factor I’m sure you are going to love as much as I do!

Of course, to create a backyard hammock oasis one needs a hammock. We had a very nice one a couple years back until the squirrels decided to chew through the rope. I came home one day, looked in the back yard and saw the hammock laying on the ground. Who knew they could destroy it so fast! Well, now that we have Charlie – who loves to patrol the backyard and chase those pesky squirrels away – I was willing to try the hammock life again.

The Star of Oasis

So I went hammock shopping a couple weeks ago and decided to add this one to our wood hammock stand. It had great reviews and a super nice price. Those always win me over! 😉

Extra Touches

Extra pillows always make a hammock feel more comfy and cozy so I added a few of those as well. And just in case anyone wants to chill and sneak in a little nap, there’s a throw close by too!

To keep a magazine or a soda coke within easy reach, I also added a little black stool to serve as a handy end table.

And then to complete the oasis look, I placed some outdoor lanterns around the hammock with remote controlled flickering candles. It’s those little details that really help a space come together. 🙂

Now you may be thinking that’s all the lighting for this area. But wait – there’s more!

The Wow Factor Now, for me to take this backyard hammock oasis to the next level I needed some lighting. So I weaved some shatter-proof patio string lights through the lower tree branches. Here’s how they look in our yard just before sunset. But after the sun sets, it gets even better! These lights give this space in our backyard such a magical feel. I love how the