When women pursue their passions by Luz Sued

Updated: Apr 20

Like interior design -- life opens up in magical ways like me ;)

Making beautiful interiors and helping people create beautiful home improvements is just a fringe benefit!

It's not easy to go through life feeling blasé about your day-to-day, when deep inside… you want to love what you do and share MORE of who you are.⁣

My life CHANGED when I decided to pursue home improvements and design -- and I believe yours can too!⁣

But the most challenging part about putting together a SUCCESSFUL business -- whether it's a side hustle, hobby, or full-time pursuit -- is the BUSINESS side:⁣

What do I need?⁣

What are the key steps now and that I might have missed?⁣

Which mistakes can I avoid? (Ahem...All!)⁣

How do I position my business?⁣

I jumped in blind myself, tripped painfully a few times, but it was once I got onto the right path to run a successful biz, that I became where I am now as a business owner. And I’m also starting a small business owner coach.

So that's why I've put together more information every day that can help you -- no matter where you are in your business journey.⁣

This is a free blog designed to ensure you check the right boxes, whether getting your business aligned for higher success or starting your biz off powerfully right.

Don't miss your chance to engage with your passions…⁣

This is who I AM, and I will love to help other small business like us. I'm conducting market research and I'd love to know...

1. What are your biggest pain points in running your business?

2. Are you interested to hire a virtual assistant and for what task?

3. Are you interested in business coaching?

I appreciate all your responses in advance and have more questions if you're willing to share 🙂 the purpose of this is to gain insight and help other business owners like us. Feel free to send us your responses or questions.

I will be happy to help.

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